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boots and footwear

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Very light PVC boot with thermal sock.Boot made of EVA and designed for fishing, hunting and agriculture.Great durability.Protects against temperatures down to -30°C and humidity.Lightweight, weighs 300 g.Removable inner sock with reinforced and washable insole....

sports fishing scales accessories

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It will not be easy to decide which of its characteristics you will like the most, in this new pesimeter. The backlit LCD image makes reading light text on a dark background easy, even on sunny days. Control pad operation offers intuitive and easy navigation through menu options. Quick review for min. and max. bin and total weight. All imaginable functions in a fishing scale and a fish-holding clamp to secure your catch. Works with 2 AAA batteries (not included). • Invert LCD image for enhanced viewing • Directional Pad operation • 8 storage memories • Choose lb./oz., Decimal pounds. okay. • Tare function to attach weighing accessories • Memory backup Resistance 22 KG.