LENGTH / WEIGHT DEPTH HOOK SIZE TYPE185 mm/ 32 gr0.5 -1.5 mSuspending /SilentTriples #4Jerkbait designed by Isaac Lorenzo for saltwater fishing for bass, bluefish, palometón, amberjack, barracuda and other marine predators.Born to mark the beginning of a new era Espetron fans, here is the new jerkbait that will undoubtedly give you trophy fish, like its brother did in topwater. It has a bronze double piston transfer system to achieve infinity casts, one-piece steel core and high quality triples to be able to fight monsters and best of all: it stays impeccably suspended in the water. And by this we mean totally horizontal. It has to be seen to be believed.Pause the retrieval and you'll witness how it goes limp, just before the Espetron Long Minnow comes under a savage attack and you have that fish that will make your day on the other side of the line.You better be ready for action.
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