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The Sunline Cut In fluorocarbon line offers us high resistance, which implies great strength and is not easy to damage even in circumstances where it is rubbed often, such as between the pillars of a bridge or on rocks. At the same time, its great hardness gives it great sensitivity and thanks to the special treatment of its surface, the knot becomes easier and tighter. Also the entanglements of the line have been reduced to the maximum, and with this the possibilities of catching the precious sea bass increase considerably.......


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The Triforce range is complete and offers an ideal solution for each type of fishing. The translucent and gray Triforce, which covers diameters from 16 to 70/100, will be suitable for fishing in the s...


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State-of-the-art Mixed Monofilament that offers us unique technical characteristics: maximum transparency and very high resistance to knots and abrasion. Specially designed to resist the harshest conditions of abrasion and traction. 2000m coils....