The MS-RA60 is Fusion's most affordable marine player to date, featuring a modern design, two-zone Multi-Zone™ technology and advanced connectivity options in a compact form factor. Bonded LCD screen increases durability and protection against condensation and fogging Class D amplifier improves efficiency and increases power output Enjoy convenient wireless software updates via Bluetooth® technology with the Fusion-Link™ app1 Multi-Zone technology lets you control two independent audio zones. Control your music from a compatible Garmin smart device or watch. Designed and built for the harshest marine environments, the MS-RA60 stereo system features an IPX6 and IPX7 water-resistant front panel for superior performance. and last on board. The black front integrates seamlessly into black glass panels and complements other electronics and display It's multi-function for a clean and stylish installation on the cockpit. The MS-RA60 has been designed to fit the mounting profile of the MS-RA55, eliminating the need to modify the existing cutout and reducing the complexity when retrofitting the stereo system.
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