The Tournament Minnow Shiner SL-F is a slim profile artificial fish. It is rigged with 3 Owner ST46 No. 4 treble hooks. It has a double cylindrical tungsten mass transfer guided on stainless steel piano wire that absorbs shocks. This system makes it possible for no sound to be emitted, even by rolling the lure. On cast, its masses of tungsten with a density 2.5 times greater than standard steel slide towards the front of the lure to shift its center of gravity and give it a unique boost. At 17cm and streamlined in shape, the Tournament Minnow Shiner reaches incredible casting distances. So this lure will fish further behind the swell where the big bass hunt their prey. It can also reach hunting grounds for bonito and other predators without getting close with the motor. Its profile allows recoveries to jerking, with strong pulls of the line as well as fast recoveries. The minimalist bib also allows for a slow recovery below the surface to tempt unsuspecting fish such as large snook. It offers a very low resistance to water and allows swimming with subtle movements. Their swimming depth is between 15 and 80 cm.
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