This Rapala lure features an X-Rap Slashbait swimming action, Translucent body, internal mechanism for Long Casts, composed of steel balls inside that move longitudinally to balance the lure and concentrate the weight in those areas that are most needed. according to situations. Rapala's X-Rap Saltwater Lure includes more striking and provocative 3D Holographic eyes for marine predators, VMC® Perma Steel hooks, Sea patterns, tried and tested one by one, to convey confidence and security to the fisherman. We can use this Rapala lure both for spinning from the coast for bass, snook, goldfast..., as well as for fishing from a boat in the spinning and/or trolling mode (llampugas, bonitos, palometones...). Size: 14cm Weight: 43g Triples : 2 hooks Nº2/0
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