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Legalis reels offer a full range from 1000 to 6000 with retrieves up to 1.01m! Equipped with the DS4 polycarbonate arch-shaped Air Rotor, they have a smooth rotation. Its latest generation ATD brake allows you to control the fights from the dive to the end. The compact DS5 carbon body and robust Tough Digigear control wheel make the Legalis a reel with an exceptional strength to weight ratio, all at a very attractive price! ATD technology drag, full size drag cap Bearings: 5 + 1 DS5 carbon frame and DS4 polycarbonate Air Rotor Aluminum Air Spool spool Crossed coil winding Ultra-light aluminum crank Ratio: 5.7: 1101cm/ lapWeight: 335gCapacity: 0.43mm/ 150mMax brake: 12kg

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