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Urfe for surfcasting, made of 1.2mm 316 stainless steel, with rolling number 6 and number 8 of high quality and resistance, with stainless steel bushings for safety and heat-shrink closure. This type of urfe is used to avoid entanglements and facilitates freedom of movement. movements of the gamete. Measure 6.5 cm Rod 1.2mm

chandlery ropes


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We sell this rope by the kilo and we can cut it as needed. In principle, it is also served in coils of 100 and 200 meters. This is a ratio of approximate weights of each 100 meters: Ø 10 MM. 100 M. 7.40 KG. Ø 12 MM. 100 M. 10.95 KG. Ø 14 MM. 100 M. 12.9 KG. Ø 16 MM. 100M. 16KG. Ø18MM. 100 M. 22 KG. Ø 20 MM. 100 M. 36.70 KG. Ø 20 MM. 200 M. 73.50 KG. Ø 22 MM. 100 M. 32.50 KG. Ø 24 MM. 100
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